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Vertical bundling machine

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Vertical bundling machine
A bottle baler with bundling sealer is a machine used in industry to bundle bottles or similar products into compact bales, usually wrapping them in a shrink wrap or band of material to keep them together. This technology serves to optimize the transport, storage and handling of bottles, cans or other packaged products, making them more compact and organized. Here is how it generally works:

Bottle feeding: Empty or full bottles are loaded into the machine via a conveyor belt or other feeding system.

Grouping: Bottles are grouped in a specific pattern. The number of bottles per grouping and the layout of the bottles can be customized according to the manufacturer's needs.

Compaction: After bundling, the bottles are compacted together to reduce the bale volume. This can be done using a mechanical or pneumatic pressure system that pushes the bottles closer together.

Sealing: A shrink wrap or band of material is applied around the cluster of bottles to hold them together. This can be done using a sealing system that applies heat to shrink the plastic film or a sealer that applies a strip of material and secures it in place.

Trimming: Any excess plastic film or sealing material is trimmed to give the bale a clean, tidy appearance.

Unloading: The sealed bottle bale is then unloaded from the machine and is ready to be stacked on pallets or stored efficiently.

This technology is widely used in beverage industries, such as water, soft drinks and beer, to group bottles into compact packages that facilitate transportation and distribution. It is also used in other sectors to group products of similar shape.

A bottle baler with bundling sealer can vary in terms of capacity, speed and features depending on specific industry and production needs. It is an important tool for increasing efficiency and cost savings in packaging and logistics.

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