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Braibanti, Brasforno, Haas, Icaterm, Klainox, Pavan Group, Sigamaq, Tecnomecal,

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Oven for wafer rolls Haas
Oven for wafer rolls Haas

Company code: 700-112

Brand: Haas

Industrial line for manufacturing continues to cells/wafer rolls for ice cream and candy.

Maximum: 30 Kg per hour.

Cells without stuffing.

Rolls length-maximum = 230 mm
-minimum = 30 mm

Rolls diameter-Maximum outside diameter 24...
Line for making empanadas
Line for making empanadas

Company code: 342-871

Brand: Brasforno, Cozil, Haas, Icaterm, Klainox, Tecnomecal

Components: Bitzer, Brahma, Danfoss, Dungs, Hofomat, Siemens

Line for making empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Composed by:

Forming of empanadas.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: ML-300.

Lamination of two seasons.
Brand Name: Tecnomecal.
Model: 600.

Two cylinders of imported mass Argenti...
Complete line Braibanti for the production of short pasta
Complete line Braibanti for the production of short pasta

Company code: 414-057

Brand: Braibanti

Complete line for the production of short pasta.

Model: Telles.

Brand: Braibanti.

Capacity: 1,200 kg/h

year: 1991.

Short pasta line composition:

-electric Panel.
-09 storage Silos.
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti Braibanti
Industrial line for production of long pasta noodle spaghetti Braibanti

Company code: 211-625

Brand: Ata, Braibanti, Pavan Group

Line composed by:

trademark boiler Ata, with production of 650 kg/h steam with heating surface to 20 m ³, 120 psig working pressure, test pressure 240 psig. GMP equipment fuel with electric control board.

Pneumatic flour with a capacity of 20...
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles

Company code: 503-004

Complete line of spaghetti consisting of:
-automatic Dryer with complete rods.
-Mill to grind the leftover spaghetti to return.
-2 automatic packaging machines 500 g and 200 g

Production capacity...
Industrial line continues for wafer fabrication
Industrial line continues for wafer fabrication

Company code: 636-647

Brand: Aucouturier, Haas

Wafer fabrication line.
Located in Tunis, Tunisia.

Descriptions of equipment.
waffer of brand: Haas.
model: Swakt 64.
year: 1994.
dimensions: 290 mm x 500 mm.
voltage: 3 x 220 V, 50 HZ, N/.

cooling ARC brand:...
Health food industry
Health food industry

Company code: 877-880

Brand: Sigamaq

The consumption of healthy foods grows year after year and attracts the attention of successful entrepreneurs and major global players in the industry.

the market of food and natural products in Brazil is growing year-over-year, driven by consume...
Manufacturing line of chips ' twisted ' type and nachos
Manufacturing line of chips ' twisted ' type and nachos

Company code: 625-647

Brand: Pavan Group

Set of Pavan lamination.
Produces chips of pirozhok types and nacho.
1 metre wide
composed of stock preparation system fully automated
Two rolling mills * k12k blanket preparation * A stamping with 4 cylinder molding (pirozhok and nacho)
Frozen food industry
Frozen food industry

Company code: 580-072

Frozen food industry in operation, with registration at ANVISA, fully regulated, installed on site in the city of São Paulo, new equipment, new vehicle fleet, 10 employees registered, no debts and liabilities.
Excellent investment opportunity!
Noodle industry
Noodle industry

Company code: 648-227

Noodle Factory equipment
02 (two) 150 kg presses.
Farinheiras bike vacuum cleaner vacuum pump set flour.
Presses 150 kg (single) farinheiras.
01 (a) ninhadeira can make angel hair.
trafila exfoliates. ...

Visitation: Schedule date for visitation and check equipment availability. Merely illustrative images.

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