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Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista
Visualizar Vídeo Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista

Company code: 601-513

Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels.
open area with 8000 acres in pasto.
complete infrastructure.
various houses House shed for machinery.
Ranch on the edge of the river.
Seat with corral all surrounded with motor power...
Farm with total area 327 acres = 781.66 acres
Farm with total area 327 acres = 781.66 acres

Company code: 021-433

Total area of 227 Acres Paulista = 781 Acres.
321 Bushels Red Earth.
100 bushels of mata.
220 Bushels formed in pastures.
8 km from dam k12k * 5. *.
3 Dams homes employee.
1 Corral for 800 heads; all mounted with crush and scale.
2 Shed...
Farm with plain perfect for planting crops
Farm with plain perfect for planting crops

Company code: 007-051

Area with plain perfect for planting crops such as soybeans, rice, corn, sunflower and also for planting grass for livestock grazing, farm wide open with all flat land with no buritizal Hill never stirred Earth virgemÁrea with hectareEscriturada 881 ...
3000 Acres Farm
3000 Acres Farm

Company code: 650-528

3000 Acres Farm
Will be the 70 Km of dry port-train and BR 242 tarred
Clay around 35%
have to pass correntão in the area-there's no play easy to do
has no license released to pasture cleaning
have to do-the géo-car-and regularize the interm...

Company code: 168-333

Total area: 20000 ACRES
open Area: 8500 ACRES open:
2,400 HECTARES, with mechanized planting soybeans
500 acres with a rubber plantation, can be explored (selling firewood and chips) to turn into k12k * 800 * crop HECTARES of pastures, can be d...

Company code: 031-423

Total area: 450 HECTARES = 185.9504 ACRES = 2.42
PAULISTA is a Center for animal reproduction and biotechnology ...
Ideal for who works with improvement of breeds ... totally legalized and recognized, with registration on a map, equipment of last...
Mato Grosso Farm
Mato Grosso Farm

Company code: 015-274

Beautiful Farm
230 hECTARES being 216 acres of Scripture.

100 hectares formed 06 grazing divisions
Full Corral, covered, crush, shipper, etc.
k12k * * dam 01 11 fish breeding tanks
House seat good, with 03 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, ...
Farm Seed production
Farm Seed production

Company code: 604-866

Seed production farm, excellent area for grain crops.
Total area: 1858 hectares;
area with planting: 1350 hectares;
Has irrigated area of 230 hectares, being 3 pivots, with possibility to put pivot in over 230 ha (plus three pivots);
Area i...

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