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Máquinarios Plastic factory
Visualizar Vídeo Máquinarios Plastic factory

Company code: 228-566

See all equipment of a plastics factory, or partially, with a capacity of 100 ton/month for manufacturing polyethylene hoses and PVC profiles consisting of 6 extruders, mixers, adhesive agent, mills, an electric substation of 150 kva and tools....
Canning industry
Visualizar Vídeo Canning industry

Company code: 418-756

Total area: 30976 m ².
built area: 4370 m ².
raw materials produced in 2013: peach, pineapple and Fig.
products that can be produced: cucumber, marmalade, peas, corn, cherry, olives, beans, honey (project).
Packaging industry of milk powder
Visualizar Vídeo Packaging industry of milk powder

Company code: 170-733

Brand: Bosch, Hyster, Mecamau, VideoJet

Approved by the MARA for packaging milk powder.
total area leased for the production and storage area: 600 m ²
storage capacity: 300 TM
powder production capacity (fractionation in 1 kg): 40000 kg/dia/turno to 8 pm
fractionation contract for ...
Machining/mechanical transmission company
Visualizar Vídeo Machining/mechanical transmission company

Company code: 710-884

The company is able to machine parts for mechanical transmissions, such as shafts, gears, pinions and Crowns for tractors
business activity: manufacture, trade, import and export of machinery, Cannon drills, branch of deep hole drilling and honing ...
Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray
Visualizar Vídeo Machine/Brown Cardboard/cardboard factory gray

Company code: 500-762

Complete machine.
NRO 25 production-2.500 g/m ² the NRO 100-0.625 g/m ²
Manufactures 0.98 m plates x 1.26 m and/or 0.80 m x 1.00 m

Equipment ratio:
forming machine (cylindrical) useful width 1.20 m, 2 (two) hidrapulperes, pumps, pressure pu...
Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista
Visualizar Vídeo Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels paulista

Company code: 601-513

Farm with total area of 13000 hectares, 5371 bushels.
open area with 8000 acres in pasto.
complete infrastructure.
various houses House shed for machinery.
Ranch on the edge of the river.
Seat with corral all surrounded with motor power...
Complete food industry for sale various products
Visualizar Vídeo Complete food industry for sale various products

Company code: 071-082

-36000 m ² in area, located at Km 232 return Washington Luiz, in São Carlos (SP).
-36000 m ² with infrastructure.
-Ideal for shopping, hotel, condominium, logistics, among others.
-central region of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.
-230 Km f...
Line for production of ginger
Visualizar Vídeo Line for production of ginger

Company code: 802-244

Set for production of ginger mints.
Capacity: 50 kg per hour.
Made up of cute bat, trafila, estampadeira and cooling mat....
Line for the production of soap for kg hour
Visualizar Vídeo Line for the production of soap for kg hour

Company code: 542-554

Brand: G.Mazzoni, Mazzoni, Mazzoni LB

Line for the production of SOAP for approximately 1000 kg hour.
Mark g. Mazzoni.
Reactor Crutch to 3500 kg.
1500 kg lung.
heat exchanger.
2 (two) cyclones (vacuum).
Extruder with three stages, one thread for each stage.
vacuum pump Syst...

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